The Reign of Darkness

Entry 28

Os gabella

Dealing with the Thing in the Well was a simple, yet time-consuming task. Whatever gargantuan beast lay below, it was dissuaded from seeking to make a meal of the Shadowguard when enough of its tentacles were destroyed.

Venturing deeper into the dungeon, the Shadowguard made note of recent simple decorations placed upon the double doors… crude three-headed flails. It was not long before they came into conflict with the gnolls.

The chamber they entered was being used by gnoll huntmasters and a number of hyenas to harass and torture a dire boar. Combat ensued with Thalin and Ryn attacking by bow and crossbow respectively. Silvershadow conjured arcane webbing to ensnare the gnoll archers while Gryffin Farstryder rushed into the room to confront the hyenas.

Obakong produced flame in his hands through the power of nature, set alight the bales of hay that stood between them and the gnolls, and commanded Suko to attack.

The fight was especially one-sided (although Obakong had taken some significant injury from the gnoll huntmasters who seemed especially skilled in fighting humans) and the gnolls were quickly routed. But not before one of them was able to escape and alert the complex.

The Shadowguard became split along a long corridor just as Gryff came face-to-face with the gnoll demonic scourge Os-Gabella and another pack of gnolls and hyenas reached the corridor intersection.



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