The Reign of Darkness

Entry 35

Slaughter wight

The alarm had been activated but before the enemy could close Ryn noticed pillars of Shadowfell marble suffused with necrotic energy lined the corridors – a threat to anything living that lingered near them.

The monsters closed – the festrogs like pack animals and the two slaughter wights violently wading in. Skeletal archers and zombies appeared out of thin air near the pillars, the result of a connection between the pillars and two deathlocks in a remote chamber.

The battle saw the destruction of multiple pillars and all of the undead but Gryffin Farstryder had suffered energy drain from the slaughter wight and Obakong strength drain from a pillar.

Stepping on mystic glyphs transported them to another section of the Tower of Necromancy where Ryn discovered strange grooves in the ground before a set of double doors. it was not long before they saw what made the grooves as the bronze warder that had made them from repeatedly patrolling the area approached.

The bronze warder marched into conflict, indifferent to the attacks it opened itself up to. Then the double doors opened at the hands of a slaughter wight and upon seeing the Shadowguard screamed in undead hate. Behind the slaughter wight lay a laboratory and other figures.



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