The Reign of Darkness

Redemption in the Place of Evil

Magma dwarf adj2

Much has happened and again we feel like time is against us. The dangers we have faced here in the Tower of Necromancy are unlike any other. Again testing our resolve… our faith… our friendships.

In this dark place we are forced to face down a dear friend we thought lost. One of the founding members of the Shadowguard. Yasir bin Hassan. This once proud wizard now full of despair. His hope had been crushed and he wore guilt so heavy his soul could barely stand. Dejectedly now serving this Lord Pizentios.

However, due to Thalin’s selfless act and quick thinking, we were not required to shed Yasir’s blood. Instead we were able to remind him of who he is, who we are! That the guilt he feels can be purged through action. That he is not so far down the dark path the he cannot be redeemed. That he is still one of us and welcomed to the fold.

Through faith and devotion to each other the light of hope began to glimmer. Yet it is an ember and not a flame. Still, a spark has been lit and in time will catch and flame anew. Once again fueling the forge of his heart.

Now we can only leave him safe as we move on to the Orchestrator of all our challenges. The true threat behind the Iron Ring, the Blackfang gnolls and the Ambush in the Labyrinth.

For now in the Tower of Necromancy, a black oppressive structure focused on the foulest magics, a would-be conqueror seeks to have this place become the black heart of his new empire…

I say No… not while I breathe.

He tried to damage our resolve by forcing us to defeat one of our own…

But WE said No… not while WE breathe.

As he now ascends into his new undead form, the gleam of victory in his eyes…

Shadowguard we must say NO!!! NOT WHILE WE BREATH!!



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