The Reign of Darkness

The Savage Sword of Grunkh, Pt. 1

The situation looked dire. Mendel the Merchant and his forces had defeated the Shadowguard and now headed towards Saruun Khel. The Shadowguard, in manacles, leg irons and gagged was being led by goblins and orcs to the Old Dwarf Mine. It was during that trek that the orcs turned on the goblins in an attempt to steal their gold and the captives. During the resulting chaos, the different members of the Shadowguard were able to affect an escape, though they became separated from each other. While most of them eventually reunited in the Seven-Pillared Hall, nothing is known of the fate of Grunkh and Rose de Printemps

Grunkh in chains

Though chained, these orcs and goblins did not know the threat that Grunkh still presented. He had grown up in the wilds of the Western March, eking out an existence in competition with the orcs and savage beasts that also made their home there. Though capable of hewing through ranks of enemies with his greatsword, Grunkh’s bare hands could shatter bone and crush the life out of a man. So when the orcs ambushed the goblins, Grunkh did what Grunkh does best.

Kandor made the mistake of focusing all of his attention on a nearby goblin worg rider when Grunkh wrapped his chains around the shaman’s throat. As the life drained from the orc, Grunkh noticed among the shaman’s belongings items that were to have been sent with Mendel but had been treacherously stolen by the orcs. Most importantly, there was Aecris. Reclaiming his enchanted greatsword, Grunkh broke his chains with the blade. But the goblins, having defeated their orc betrayers, were reorganizing and blocked his descent into the Foamfire Valley. Thus, he had no choice but to forge higher into the Cloudscape Mountains while the goblins fanned out in search of the other Shadowguard members.



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