The Reign of Darkness

The Savage Sword of Grunkh, Pt. 3

Goblin alchemist

Grunkh looked to the camp, but it was too late to avoid notice. The door to the burned shack had disintegrated long ago and at its threshold now stood a goblin alchemist staring directly at him with his wide, toothy mouth spread in a perverse grin. The choice whether to cover the distance to the alchemist and try to silence him before he raised the alarm or to plunge into the Old Dwarf Mine in an effort to evade the goblins was made for Grunkh as he saw the black, smoking egg-like object the alchemist threw descending in its arc towards him…

The bomb exploded nearby and though Grunkh had evaded a direct hit, shrapnel scrapped his flesh and the sound drew the camp’s attention. As the alchemist prepared another bomb, he gave an order to someone inside his lab and pointed to Grunkh. Grunkh pushed the woman behind him as he prepared his blade for whatever monster would be emerging. Instead, what he saw was another goblin, this one even smaller than the alchemist, and as that goblin began running towards him, Grunkh’s blood turned cold.

“Gorum’s iron bones! Run woman!” Grunkh commanded as he turned, grabbed the slave woman by her arm and plunged into the depths of the Old Dwarf Mine. The small goblin closed in quickly. Holding a smoking bomb in front of himself with both hands, he wore a backpack over-stuffed with even more of them and an expression on his face that showed that his sanity had been lost long ago. When the goblin sapper reached the mine entrance, the bombs detonated. The resulting explosion threw Grunkh and the slave woman to the ground, showering them with stone shards and dust as everything went black.

Outside, the goblin alchemist bounced back and forth from one foot to the other, giggling in glee while the rest of the camp gathered around him growling in disapproval as they gazed upon the now completely demolished mine entrance.



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