The Reign of Darkness

What Next?

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On a table in what has become the meeting room of the Shadowguard home, lies several books, scroll cases and maps. None, however, have the current occupants attention. It is late and Gryff sits at the table worry on his brow, quell in hand and a bit of ink on his night shirt. A truly unusual look for him.

Having completed the festivities his focus has turned to the disturbing news both from Yasir and Ryn. In truth he was only looking for news from Ryn as the Shadowguard as a whole were incredibly curious as to the influx of adventures passing through Threshold and into the Foamfire Valley. It is not simply that adventures of have found their mettle and sense of curiosity for the place… it is the sheer volume of travelers that seems…. wrong.

Ryn’s news further supported this feeling as it seems most of these adventures have been commissioned by, or lead by mages. Mage’s answering a dream… a call… a pull from a mysterious place called the Pyramid of Shadows. A dream that both Yasir and Silver had.

As bad as an untold number of mages seeking the power from the same location is… (and that is indeed a BAD THING!) that is only part of what is keeping Gryff up this night. Yasir’s research has uncovered something larger and possibly connected to a few of the evils the Shadowguard has faced. It is this that he reviews…. on this that he worries… On this that he is setting pen to parchment collecting his thoughts.

The Reign of Darkness Prophecy

(prophecy transcribed in common with annotations in dwarven)

The reign of darkness shall descend
When this hexad of signs is near its end:
-Believe this indicates the the traditional signs to look for marking this particular prophecy. Hmm… I pray to the Forge and Hearth that this can be stopped

Lost child of dark mother, found
Heralds a time of evil unbound.
-This appears to indicate the return of someone but unknown as to who. Identifying this Dark Mother will be key I think in solving this part of the riddle.

From house of ravens a heart is torn
Through life, unlife, the living shall mourn
-This makes me think of Rifflian and the Endless Night Abbey. The shadar-kai were looking for and possibly found something from there. We all felt the heartbeat. Felt the sense of dread. Ravens have always been associated with death as well as well as the term Endless Night. This line could be referring to that. If it does… then this is further proof of a possible planar event. We must alert the church!

Second time dark way open lies
To bathe the world in silent cries.
-This I fear refers to Shadowguard Keep and the portal below it. I had planned to check on it before we ventured off again but now I feel it’s imperative we do so. If someone has again taken up residence seeking the gate below, we must show them the error of their ways.

Light of night shining overhead
Shall gutter and fail, turning all to red.
-This seems to indicate a red moon. Blood Moon I believe some call it. A horrible omen indeed.

Dead king will his fortunes reverse
And world shall weep with dreaded curse.
-What king do they refer to? One of the living or perhaps one of the Shadowfell? Could this be tied to the Bone Night? What was it he said… the last prince of Moil? Perhaps this king is in that line? Again I fear its critical that we notify the church. If again the undead seek to breach our plane… we will need all the help we can muster. However they deem to answer the call it is clear the Shadowguard is again needed!!

Gryff uses the sand to dry the ink and reviews his work. Never one for the more scholarly skills much of the sand misses the small basin on the writing desk to spill to the floor. Gryff doesnt seem to notice. Instead he stares at the folder of parchment and grabs another sheet.

After another long moment of staring at the paper he finally begins to write.


I know its been some time but you should know that I am well…



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