The Reign of Darkness

Yasir's Journal 02


I have been frantic, trying for the last month to discern what Pizentios’ plans were, and what these artifacts from his tower mean. With Valthrun’s help, I’ve found the key to the ancient Arjhaani script Pizentios used in his journal, but for every piece of insight I glean, I have at least three new questions. Some answers raise questions I dare not ask. After talking with Obakong and Gryff, I’ve concluded that some parts of the dark prophecy may have already come to pass.

My research has become more difficult in recent days. My sleep is troubled, and when I wake, my mind is filled with visions of a dark pyramid. Pizentios himself saw and drew these same images over and over again. They seem to be affecting many arcanists in a similar way, drawing us all toward the Foamfire Valley. Rather than bring ourselves and our powerful weapons and artifacts to the Necromancer-King, I believe we must find the Nycoptic Tapestry first, to learn more about how to approach our enemy.



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