The Reign of Darkness

Yasir's Journal 03

We survived the night


I was sure of our doom last night when the air turned chill and misty, and the dead poured into Threshold. My past crimes coming to haunt me, my sins revisited upon me one-thousand-fold, here was justice come to take it’s due.

My tutors in Ariya used to tell me about the world of shadows that existed apart from ours, and I’ve since learned what kinds of horrible creatures dwell in that place. I’ve even helped those that would use their foul power, and used it myself. That so many could cross over, surely meant that someone has breached the barrier between our worlds.

Despite my time in Pizentios’ tower, I was not prepared for the horror at seeing these stinking, grasping masses of hungry corpses, closing in from all directions. It was a miracle that we got all the townsfolk into the sanctity of the cathedral, but it’s wards did not hold for long, and death came pouring in again.

Zombies burn

When the creatures peeled Mighty Gryff’s armor back and tore into his throat, I was sure none of us would last much longer. I was sure that nothing any of us did would do more than delay the inevitable. But I could not give in to despair. I found that despite my cowardly character, I could not let them take gryff unchallenged. I summoned a spell that I had never used before, despite having studied it in great detail. In a great burst of fire, more intense flames than ever I had conjured before erupted amongst the evil creatures. The throngs of undead were burned away, gryff survived, and we were able to escape into a better-defended area.

As the night wore on, and the re-dead bodies of defeated undead began to pile upon the floor, our efforts began to feel Sisyphean. I used every word of artful destruction I could remember, but still the zombies came. Separated from my friends and pulled to the floor by a squirming graveyard, my only solace was that at least my death would come now, after I had already become useless to my friends. But at that moment the sun shone through the window of the cathedral – incinerating the dead even as their rotting mouths would have torn my skin from my bones.

Whatever reason fate had for saving us, this much is clear: our actions against this terrible foe can make a difference. We may not be strong enough to hold back the tide of darkness, but nevertheless, we must use every ounce of our cunning and skill to guard this world from shadow.



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