Gryffin Farstryder

Dwarf Forgelighter


Male dwarf Cleric 1 / Paladin 6
LG Medium humanoid

Worn Gear Armaments & Items
Head N/A Face N/A Melee Rangrimvoskrig 1d10+2 20/x3
Shoulders N/A Throat N/A Melee
Body Dwarven Full Plate Torso N/A Misc. Epic Stein
Waist N/A L Ring Ring of Human Influence
Hands N/A R Ring Ring of the Forge
Arms N/A
Feet Steadfast Greaves

Beginning as a child, Gryff has always had an incredibly curious nature and a strong lust for travel. Growing up he was determined to “explore” every part of the house, the hall, the pantry, the… well you get the point. His Nas-pa (grandfather) inadvertently fueled these desires with tales of adventure, forgotten lore and great battles against evil that so captivated the child.

Born the 4th son of a minor noble house Gryff went largely ignored by his father who spent most of his time with his 3 older brothers running the lucrative family business. In truth it was his Nas-pa that gave him the nickname “griffin.” For he saw the longing in the little ones eye that surely matched his own when he was that age. Gryff was the closes to his grandfather and certainly his favorite, and would stay up as late as possible to hear Nas-pa’s stories and best of all study maps with him. It was the maps that made the tales more real, more exciting, because with a map it meant Gryff could perhaps go there too…

It was a sad day when his grandfather years later died due to a mysterious fever. A fact that never sat well with Gryff to this day as Nas-pa was healthier than most dwarves half his age. Added to this was the rumor that his grandfather was heard arguing with some unknown visitor only a few days prior.

The next few years following his grandfathers death were sad and lonely for Gryff. But that changed one day and by accident. While going through some of his grandfathers things Gryff found his grandfathers journal and… the map… The one that Nas-pa found at the end of his adventuring. Both his biggest prize and his one regret.

It was then that wanderlust finally overtook the young dwarf. He had heard rumors of the “troubles” beyond the great stone walls of the Ironforge Mountains and in the lands of men, yet still he craved open sky and discovery! What better way to honor his Nas-pa than by following in his footsteps through the world above.

So, without permission Gryff left a note and left his home. Taking only some traveling clothes, a backpack of meager provisions and the axe given to him by his grandfather, Gryff left his hold seeking to wander the world searching for adventure, to make a name for himself… and most importantly… to fight the good fight just like his Nas-Pa!

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Gryffin Farstryder

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