Human Rogue


Ryn, to a drunken stranger in the Foamfire Inn:

I can tell you that there are three men shadowing you, two of which just left so as to ambush you when you leave this inn. I can tell you that the woman you’ve been groping and accepting drinks from this past hour works for the men that will attack you. I can tell you that the hooded figure in the far corner is an elf, that he can kill a man with a gesture, and that he would prefer to keep those facts unknown. I know the woman seated two tables behind me has more blades on her person than you can count, and is deadly in a knife fight. I can speak fluently the native language of every creature in this room. I can be… anyone. How do I know that? How can I know all this and not know who I am? How is that possible?

Though an amnesiac, Ryn remains in full use of highly developed skills of observation, insight, and intuition. These skills combined allow him to glean secrets and information from others at a glance, despite their desire to keep said facts unknown.

I have no memory of anything more than two days before I became a member of a newly formed adventuring company. I am told I was found facedown in the river – bruised, beaten, and with a crossbow bolt in my back. Someone wants me dead, and I have no idea who, or why.

Ryn has no memories whatsoever of his past, or even who he is. Upon careful study, he gives the impression of someone who has been severely traumatized and who is also suffering from paranoia.

As I leave this table, she will beckon you to her. Despite my having told you what they plan for you, you will go. You asked why I have told you these things, perhaps this is why – my secrets are safe with you. Farewell, my friend.

Ryn has a soft-spoken, but direct manner, and in all things prefers to go unnoticed. As such, he seeks to avoid direct confrontation, preferring to engage only when it suits his purpose and cannot be avoided. Though prudent, cautious, and patient, he has a quick-thinking and linear mindset, and will move directly towards the removal of any obstacle that has been set before him once the time for planning is over. In combat, Ryn eschews melee and prefers to attack from range using his heavy crossbow.

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