Severian Blackthorn

Human Paladin


Severian Blackthorn is 6’2", 220 lbs., brown hair, green eyes. For further details please see biography.


It was a stormy night with a waning gibbous moon when an unnamed Vistani woman dressed in threadbare gypsy attire appeared at the intricately carved, colossal doors of the Basilica Illuminus in Ruthin. In her arms, in bright contrast to her appearance, was an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes finer than imported Khoudyai silk. The infant’s skin almost seemed to glow compared to the dark, weathered appearance of the woman caring so gently for the babe. She constantly, almost religiously, anointed the infant with rare oils and unguents, which smelled like olibanum, myrrh, and ambergris.

The Vistani woman caught the attention of the Basilica as she would not leave, was acting in a very strange manner, and appeared to be offering the child to the Church. First, she would not speak despite numerous attempts to prompt her and find out more about the child. Second, she was liberally applying oils to the infant that were worth more money than she could hope to see from many years of labor without a thought of her own material well-being. Finally, she was solely and intently focused on the care and well-being of this child, providing for him in a manner only described in the most ancient of holy scriptures. What was happening? This was Ruthin not some celestial realm. Who was she and where was this child from? The mystery remains unsolved. She will not speak.

However, she will serve. She donned the supplicatory robes of the Church and serves in silence to this day. No task too menial, no request too difficult, no order ever left unfulfilled. She seemed happy so long as she can serve and stay near the child. The Basilica named her Sophia.

Now the infant was another matter. He took the name Blackthorn after a paladin of the Blackthorn family that took him under his wing. He was given the first name Severian due to his sometimes intense and serious nature relating to his studies in faith, theology, and combat. Severian Blackthorn.

His upbringing was unconventional compared to that of other children raised by the Basilica – Severian had been selected for divine service and was to enter the elite order of Holy Light paladins. He had a happy childhood at the Basilica where he was indoctrinated into the worship of Him Above, rigorously trained in the use of the bastard sword, other weaponry and heavy armor, taught the principles of anatomy for both healing and wounding, and learned the importance of a kind word to turn away wrath or mend a broken heart.

Even though his upbringing was highly disciplined and structured, Severian still had time to be a child, get in trouble, steal a horse or two, run with the local children, go fishing, date local girls . . . However, these extracurricular activities often led to periods of repentance and cleansing when discovered by his superiors.

Blackthorn took to his training and studies with devotion, making rapid progress and finally swearing his oaths of paladinhood at a relatively young age. His responsibilities began with serving the Basilica internally and locally. With some amount of ambition, and perhaps some youthful arrogance and impatience, he hopes to serve Him Above on more dangerous missions at more remote locales.

Blackthorn takes his religious obligations seriously yet is lighthearted insofar as tolerating the beliefs of others and does not force his philosophy on others. His mysterious past still haunts him like a thorn in his side, like his namesake, a past he hopes to uncover. However, he does have an irrational fear that he might uncover something horrible, tainted and straight out of his nightmares.

Severian Blackthorn

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