Half-Elf Ranger


Thalin new

Ranger 7

Str 14
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 10

Stalker’s Bow
Totems of the Wolf Spirit
Safewing Amulet


Abandoned by his father and orphaned at a young age when his mother (a human sorceress) was killed by sneak attacking goblins, Thalin was raised in the wilderness of the frontier by a small community of hunters and trappers – which included his uncle (an elven scout) and his mentor (an old, wise mountain man).

After the death of his mentor, Thalin became restless and desired to leave the known dangers of where he grew up. After helping the band of adventurers who would later come to be known as the Shadowguard conclude their investigations into a group of strangers in the elven village of Rifflian, Thalin continued on with them… and his life has never been more dangerous or complicated.

Although Thalin has grown in many ways and feels a closeness to the people and community of Threshold that he never has in the past, he is still the consummate lone hunter. Once in his sights, a foe will rarely escape even if the hunter must run it down.

Still feeling the weight of guilt and blaming himself for the capture of the party by Iron Ring slavers, Thalin nonetheless shoulders the burden and trudges onward into the darkest depths with only a dim hope to see the sun again.

Perhaps when the hope of light in the physical world grows slim, one seeks out inner light. Thalin has become increasingly interested in faith, particularly in the gods Him Above, Erastil and Torag.

Thalin has even begun to allow himself to think of the future of his adopted home, helping to establish a business and now thinks to the defense of the town as a whole. At the same time Thalin sees the growing dangers he and his companions face and has growing fears he may not live to see a future and so seeks to train and estsblish a group of rangers to patrol, scout and protect the arera around Threshold.

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