The Reign of Darkness

Entry 1

Moonstone keep

Grunkh, Gryffin Farstryder, Hiro, Obakong, Ryn, and Yasir bin Hassan found themselves in Haven – each for different reasons. Few of them knew each other prior to banding together to qualify for a royal adventuring charter issued by Moonstone Keep.

Charter in hand, they received their first assignment regarding a village far to the south that Moonstone Keep had not heard from in two months: deliver a sealed letter to Lord Padraig Kovosar in Threshold and return his written response to Moonstone Keep.

Travel to Threshold was expected to take about a week and they would pass through Gnome’s Crossing and Rifflian along the way.

The heroes considered spending more time in Haven before departing, but thought better of it and left immediately.

Story Hook – Fame, Fortune and Fun

Story Hook – Guard Duty

Minor Quest – A Walk in Haven


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