A gift from the fallen knight Sir Keegan Arkoshian, the dull-colored metal of this greatsword is worn and nicked from use though its edge remains razor sharp. Celestial runes engraved along the blade start out as divine blessings but become foul blasphemies halfway to the sword’s tip.

Nonlegacy: +1 greatsword
Omen: The celestial runes of Aecris glow brightly in the presence of undead within 60 feet as a 1 round continuous detect undead effect.

DC 15: Aecris was the sword of the heroic Great Kingdom knight Sir Keegan Arkoshian. Sir Keegan received the blade as a gift from the Paladin-King Loramar Isarius in his battles against an evil order of death priests and necromancers. According to legend, Church of the Holy Light clerics engraved the blade with prayers to Him Above and Pellonese arcanists quenched the blade in liquid radiance from the positive energy plane. Magic was laid into the sword to make it a bane to all undead and to protect the wielder from their attacks.

DC 18: Following his victory over the Order of the Ebon Hand, Sir Keegan retired with his family to become garrison commander of Shadowguard Keep to live out his service guarding against the great evil that laid sealed beneath the castle. However, in this final duty, he failed. Allowing his knowledge of the crumbling Great Kingdom to distract him from his sworn oaths, he fell under the influence of the evil beneath the keep. Overcome by darkness, he used Aecris to kill his family, his advisors and many of the soldiers under his command before finally fleeing into the catacombs beneath the keep where he was entombed by the surviving forces. The blows inflicted by this act of evil have left the blade forever worn and nicked.
Sanctification of Darkness

Sanctification of Darkness: You must perform a ritual of penance upon Aecris. This ceremony involves bathing the greatsword in divine and radiant unguents, sealing yourself in a crypt or tomb in total darkness for 24 hours while chanting prayers of redemption.
Cost: 4,500 gp

Base attack bonus +4
Follower of a nonevil deity or faith
Any nonevil alignment

Level Abilities
5 +1 undead bane greatsword
6 Protection from Undead
7 Spark of Vitality
8 -
9 +2 undead bane greatsword
10 -

Protection from Undead (Su): You enjoy a constant protection from undead effect that functions like the protection from evil spell, except that the bonuses and protections apply to all undead creatures regardless of alignment (CL 5).

Spark of Vitality (Su): A number of times per day equal to Aecris’ enhancement bonus, you can use remove disease, remove fear, or remove paralysis as the spell on command (CL 5). This ability is automatically activated as an immediate action should you become subject to one of these effects and the sword retains at least one daily use.


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