Birth of Vaios (BV) marks the beginning of the modern Anatharian calendar (1/1/1 BV).

Current Year: 1017 BV
Current Month: June

There are twelve months (January through December) of four weeks with seven days (Monday through Sunday). The first day of every week (“moonday”) is marked by a new lunar phase: 1st week – new moon, 2nd week – half moon waxing, 3rd week – full moon, and 4th week – half moon waning.

There are four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) that last for three months each, with spring starting in March.

Dates of Importance
1/1 Festival of Birth
3/1 Official start of spring
4/15 Spring Equinox
5/5 Gryffinfest
6/1 Official start of summer
6/15 Night of the Blood Moon
7/15 Summer Solstice
7/15 The Gypsy Festival
8/1 King’s Day
9/1 Official start of fall
10/15 Fall Equinox
10/28 Day of the Unhallowed
12/1 Official start of winter
12/15 Winter Solstice


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