Character Creation


Characters may utilize official, published Pathfinder RPG materials currently available and as they come out.

Ability Scores
15-point Standard Fantasy Purchase.

Hit Points
Max hit points at first level. Half hit die for even levels and half hit die +1 for odd levels after 1st.

1 trait.

Characters must select languages from the list of campaign Languages. Players should cross-reference the races listed there to determine available racial bonus languages.

Hero Points
1 hero point.

Starting Character Wealth

Item Creation Feats
Item Creation feats are unavailable to player characters as part of the character creation and level gain process, including when described as part of a class or as a bonus. At 1st level, a wizard gains Bonus Feat instead of Scribe Scroll.

House Rules
House Rules

Additional Resources
d20 Pathfinder SRD

Character Creation

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