Curios, Letters, Maps and Misc

Tapestry illustration
Nycoptic Tapestry

Threshold – Seven-Pillared Hall Caravan Route (2d20 +30 gp per month)

Ro d prophecy
Reign of Darkness Prophecy

Libris mortis
Pizentios’ Research

Mine share
House Azaer Gem Mine Share (4d20 gp in gems per month)

Desnan rest shrine
Desnan Rest Shrine

Holy light necklace
Holy Light Necklace

Puzzle box
Puzzle Box beneath Endless Night Abbey

Mummified heart
Heart of Darkness from Puzzle Box

Unholy symbol of urgathoa
Unholy Symbol of Urgathoa

Letter abithriax
Letter Found in Lair of Abithriax

Letter cistern
Letter Found in Shadowguard Keep Cistern

Cistern map
Map Found in Shadowguard Keep Cistern

Letter ninaran
Letter Found on Ninaran

Letter bone knight
Letter Found on the Bone Knight’s Table

Letter mendel
Mendel the Merchant’s Letter to the Shadowguard

Letter on hianthough
Lord Pizentios’ Letter to Hianthough

Skull key
Skull Key

Curios, Letters, Maps and Misc

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