Dragon breath

More ink has been used in Anathar describing dragons than nearly any other creature. These ancient, noble, yet savage beasts are a favorite subject of guidebooks, bard’s tales, and ancient tomes and scrolls. Invaluable draconic knowledge is gained at risk of life and limb – dragons are rapacious, jealous of their secrets, and regardless of alignment, prone to aggression and violence.

Experts describe dragons as the first sentient race to appear in the Mortal World, with life spans stretching into millennia. With such a wealth of experience, dragons embody history. The oldest dragons are repositories of vast knowledge and of the deepest ancient secrets. Dragons are more than just a challenge for knights seeking hoards or glory: dragons are sages, oracles, and even prophets.

Dragons’ majesty has clothed them in myth. The appearance of a dragon can portend good or ill fortune. Pragmatic sages attempt to classify dragons according to certain characteristics, but these efforts all fall short in the true light of the wonder, magic, and fantastic power of dragons.

Dragons in Anathar are, by their very nature, unique and epic forces.


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