Epic Stein

Epic stein

Presented in gratitude from the vault of Lord Padraig Kovosar of Threshold, this ornate stein has a handle in the form of a dwarven waraxe and is decorated with dwarven heroes in battle with orcs, giants, drow, minotaurs and undead.

Nonlegacy: +1 divine implement
Omen: The Epic Stein can carry 8 lbs. of liquid. Regardless of the amount of liquid put into it, it has the weight of one mug of ale (2 lbs.). Additionally, liquid in the Stein cannot be accidentally spilled.

Currently carried by Gryffin Farstryder.

DC 15: Judging from the style of tankard and form of Davek runes engraved on it, the Epic Stein is of ancient dwarven craftsmanship. The Epic Stein is believed to have been crafted by Travok Godsale, a legendary dwarf battlerager-cleric of Hanseath from two millennia ago known for battling with a dwarven waraxe in one hand while drinking ale from the Epic Stein with the other. Tales of Travok’s celebrations rival those of his heroic exploits and it seems likely the Epic Stein was created to aid in both, as well as to honor the dwarven god of war, freedom and carousing.

DC 18: A wanderer and adventurer, Travok was the supposed descendant of a mortal son of Hanseath and was of mightier mettle than most dwarves of his era. Many exploits are attributed to Travok: inventing godsale as a gift to Hanseath, leading a small group of battleragers to victory against an entire orcish horde, venturing through the center of the world to the other side, and holding a year-long celebration during which he christened the Epic Stein.
Epic Celebration

Epic Celebration: You are required to brew your finest ale and host a month long raucous celebration, using four DC 18 Profession: Brewer skill checks (one for each week with each success providing a cumulative +2 bonus to subsequent checks). If even one check fails, so does the ritual.
Cost: 1,000 gp per week

Perform: Sing 2 ranks
Profession: Brewer 2 ranks
Speak dwarven

PC Level Abilities
5 Drunken Heroics
6 Liquid Courage
7 Lovable Drunk +1
8 +1 Divine Implement of Positive Channeling +1d6
9 -
10 Deeper Draught

Drunken Heroics: You gain a Drunken Ki Pool equal to 0. When you drink a tankard of ale or strong alcohol from the Epic Stein you gain one temporary Drunken Ki point. The act of drinking is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. You can have a maximum number of Drunken Ki points equal to 1 plus double your Constitution modifier. These Drunken Ki points last for 1 hour or until spent, whichever is shorter. You cannot gain Drunken Ki while you have the sickened condition (see Drunkenness, GMG p. 237).

By spending 1 point from your Drunken Ki pool, you can do one of the following as a swift action:

  • Make an additional attack at your highest attack bonus.
  • Increase your speed by 20 ft. for 1 round.
  • Gain a +4 dodge bonus to AC for 1 round.
  • Take a 5 ft. step.

Liquid Courage: You are immune to fear as long as you have at least 1 point of Drunken Ki.

Lovable Drunk: You receive the indicated bonus to your Charisma.

Positive Channeling: You increase the dice of your channel positive energy ability by the indicated amount.

Deeper Draught: By spending 2 points from your Drunken Ki pool, you can do one of the following as a swift action:

  • Heal yourself a number of hit points of damage equal to your character level.
  • Inflict 2d6 extra points of damage on a single successful melee attack.

Epic Stein

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