Gnolls are feral, demon-worshiping marauders that kill, pillage, and destroy. They attack communities along the borderlands without warning and slaughter without mercy, all in the name of the demon lord Yeenoghu.

Gnolls are nomadic and rarely stay in one place for long. When gnolls attack and pillage a settlement, they leave nothing behind except razed buildings and gnawed corpses. Gnolls often decorate their armor and encampments with the bones of their victims. Impatient and unskilled artisans, they wear patchwork armor and wield weapons stolen from their victims.

Gnolls do not bargain or parley, and they cannot be bribed or reasoned with. Gnolls are often encountered with hyenas, which they keep as animal companions and hunting beasts. Their native language is Abyssal and they are known to also consort with demons.
Gnoll sacrifice
Gnolls detest physical labor and often use slaves to perform menial chores. The life of a slave in the hands of gnolls is often brutal and short. That said, slaves who show strength and savagery might be indoctrinated into the gnoll vanguard. Such creatures are usually broken in mind and spirit, having become as cruel and ruthless as their captors.

As the mortal instruments of the demon lord Yeenoghu, who is called the Beast of Butchery and Ruler of Ruin, gnolls constantly perform atrocities. When not scouring the land in Yeenoghu’s name, gnolls fight among themselves and participate in rituals that involve acts of depravity and self-mutilation.

Gnolls 2

Gnolls raid and war in rapacious packs, their numbers supplemented by demons, raving slaves, and beasts driven to madness and cruelty. Their tactics are characterized by ambush, savagery, feints, overwhelming numbers, cooperative strategies and striking weak points. Fangs of Yeenoghu (violent, shamanistic leaders who wield gruesome clubs studded with gnoll teeth and crusted in blood), Demonic Scourges (brutal, unholy champions of demonic evil who wield spiked flails and shields), Huntmasters (skilled, relentless hunters and hyena handlers who wield longbows), Claw Fighters (agile, rage-filled skirmishers who rend foes with their bare claws) and Marauders (savage, frenzied warriors who wield serrated spears and shields) fill the ranks of gnoll forces.


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