Hassan bin Fared

Hassan bin fared

A Khoudyai trader and merchant. Husband to Yamane and father of Yasir bin Hassan.

Hassan bin Fared was conducting a dig at a dragon burial ground outside Threshold when he was abducted by the Iron Ring, held captive by Lord Pizentios, and subsequently given to Blackfangs gnolls to be used in a demonic sacrifice in the Well of Demons. He was saved from this fate by the Shadowguard.

Threshold – Seven-Pillared Hall Caravan Route
Hassan has been commissioned by the Shadowguard to establish a trade route between Threshold and the Seven-Pillared Hall. Though it dangerously winds its way through the dreaded Foamfire Valley, the route is quite lucrative on account that it provides rare and exotic resources to both locations.

The caravan provides the Shadowguard 2d20 +30 gp per month (after taxes, tariffs and other expenses).

Hassan bin Fared

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