Heart of Darkness

Mummified heart

Though there are many legends that speak of the Hand and Eye of Thuul-Sogoth, few know that as part of the ritual to become an arch-lich the Necromancer-King exchanged his own living heart for a finely crafted heart of shadowstone. His still living heart was then hidden, where it continued to beat.

During his reign over Arjhaan, there came a time when the Necromancer-King’s power became so great that mortals worshiped him. It was then that his champion Targis Darkhold, a servant to Urgathoa the goddess of undeath, turned on him. The Necromancer-King’s cultists all went a little mad when the blackguard destroyed Thuul-Sogoth, but they then retrieved the arch-lich’s still living heart and, determined to join their master, committed mass suicide – all perfectly timed to a heartbeat.

That is when a truly strange thing happened. For reasons only the gods understand, the ritual suicide of the cultists imparted profane power into the heart, causing it to become an eldritch artifact of undeath and a vessel for the return of the Necromancer-King. But before it could be used for such purposes, the Daughters of Urgathoa interned the Heart beneath one of their goddess’ foul temples where it lay for thousands of years until disturbed by shadar-kai sent by the necromancer Lord Pizentios who only knew of the artifact’s whereabouts and not its history.

Heart of Darkness

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