Him Above

Him above holy symbol

Him Above is a divinity of twin aspects, mortal and immortal, that joined together to become a single entity – creator and created. All-knowing and all-understanding, Him Above provides law and justice while showing mercy and love.

Vaios, First Patriarch and mortal aspect of Him Above, begot the line from which all Church of the Holy Light patriarchs come. His birthday is celebrated as the Festival of Birth – the highest of holy days.

The holy symbol of Him Above is a golden sunburst.

Him Above (LG): God of justice, law, love and mercy.

Domains: Community, Glory, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Protection, Repose, Sun

Favored Weapon: Mace

Granted Power: In addition to the powers granted by their selected domains, clerics who revere Him Above learn a number of rituals that grant them the ability to apply the Maximize Spell feat to a specific spell without requiring a higher spell slot in exchange for increasing its casting time. They must actually have the Maximize Spell feat to use this ability.

Ritual prayerAt 1st level, clerics of Him Above gain knowledge of one ritual of their choice. They gain an additional ritual at 3rd level and for every 2 levels attained after 3rd level. The spell the ritual effects is chosen when its received, can only be a cleric spell they can cast (at their new level) and cannot be changed once selected. Clerics of Him Above must take more time to cast a ritual prayer (a cleric spell enhanced by a ritual) than they do to cast a regular spell. If the spell’s normal casting time is a standard action, casting a ritual prayer version is a full-round action. For a spell with a longer casting time, it takes an extra full-round action to cast the spell.

Him Above

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