Koros 2

Humans as savage and unforgiving as the lands they reside in, the Koros are a barbarian people from Korosgorod, a cold and barren region in northwestern Anathar.

The Koros are known for their brutality, ritual scarification, tattoos, long mustaches, demon worship, blood sacrifice and smilodon beastriders. They are historical enemies of the Pellonese as Pellioh occupies more fertile land and blocks Korosgorod’s access to the Bright Ocean.

Life is difficult and violent for the Koros. Subsequently, they are a fierce, battle-ready people who believe that might makes right. They have a rigid code of face and honor that demands blood for even unintentional insults. The Koros hold “weaker” cultures in contempt and view other peoples of Anathar only as potential slaves or sacrifices to their grim gods.


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