Labyrinth of Saruun Khel

Ro d3

The Shadowguard find themselves in the subterranean trade post of the Seven-Pillared Hall, built within the remains of the ruined minotaur civilization of Saruun Khel. In their now completed search for the twelve captives taken from Threshold, the Shadowguard have broken the Iron Ring’s presence in Saruun Khel, freed Obakong’s dire ape companion Suko, overcome the duergar of the Horned Hold (rescuing over a dozen slaves in the process – only ten of whom were from Threshold), defeated the Thralltakers in the retaking of Moradin’s Foundry and killed the Chwidena in the House Azaer gem mine.

Though victorious over the Chwidena, it was not without price and the Shadowguard lost their ally Caseris to the monster.

Refusing to give up on the remaining two Threshold captives (now held by the Blackfang gnolls to be used in a demonic ritual by their matriarch Hianthough), the Shadowguard delved into the Well of Demons and proved themselves against the challenges there to finally free the last captives.

Having come face-to-face with the power of evil incarnate, the Shadowguard were touched to the soul and stood firm, proving themselves heroes to their very core and they left the Well of Demons changed and more powerful in subtle ways (though strangely unable to speak of the events that transpired in detail).

Returning to the Seven-Pillared Hall, the Shadowguard set about preparing for the challenges ahead – the safe return to Threshold with the freed Threshold villagers and answering the rising threat the architect of these dire events, the necromancer Lord Pizentios, poses from his Tower of Necromancy.

Entering the Tower of Necromancy, the Shadowguard faced many undead as they expected but were shocked to find Yasir bin Hassan, whom they thought dead, alive and a thrall to Lord Pizentios. When they finally faced Pizentios, it was Yasir’s help that made the difference – having learned the truename of Aaym the Aaymarian, the elementalist freed the demon lord in exchange for destroying the necromancer.

With Pizentios destroyed and the villagers rescued, the Shadowguard concluded their excursion to the labyrinth of Saruun Khel, organized a caravan and set out into the Foamfire Valley, heading north back to Threshold.

Following a few days facing the challenges of managing such a large group of people and a single confrontation with the scion monster matriarch wyvern Minognos-Ushad, the Shadowguard succeeded at getting all the villagers safely home to Threshold.

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Labyrinth of Saruun Khel

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