Libris Mortis

Libris mortis

An expansive work of arcane might, this extremely thick and weathered manuscript with dog-eared pages is bound in stitched flesh and carved bone. An elaborate lock resembling a skull with a single eye prevents unintentional perusal of its great and powerful contents.

This is a work of ineffable evil and vile darkness. It emanates great enchantments designed to grant tremendous power to those wicked forces that peruse it… and to inescapably corrupt those not yet wicked who read even a single page.

The Libris Mortis is believed to contain detailed notes for solving the mysteries of attaining lichdom, numerous spells that have not been known in Anathar for centuries, hundreds of durable pages for the inclusion of additional spells, expansive research on necromancy and the nature of undeath, copious extra-planar treatises on the lower planes, and dozens of eldritch exercises for immeasurably expanding one’s arcane knowledge and power.

The greatest prize any servant of evil can win is without a doubt the Libris Mortis. There are more fabrications than truths of this dark work, yet it surely offers power beyond mortal reckoning. Wicked beings have claimed this tome at various points in history, each time blotting the world with sinister deeds and vile acts. Sometimes the book finds its way into less villainous hands. When it does, tragedy almost always follows.

What critics are saying about the Libris Mortis…

It’s a glorious blasphemy, a condemnation of all that is good and pure. Gods and demons have obliterated it many times, but like evil itself, the book always returns to enslave, corrupt, and destroy. It’s utterly marvelous!

- Asmodeus, Lord of Hell

Only the most indomitable minds dare to look upon the malevolent thoughts and forbidden secrets bound herein. This corrupt tome is filled with deplorable wisdom. Evil permeates every word and image inscribed within it. Devour it before it devours you.

- Urgathoa, Goddess of Undeath

Terrifying. This could be the last book you ever read.

- Nikademus Japheth, Archmage of the Arcane Order

Libris Mortis

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