Loramar Isarius

Paladin king

Known also as the Paladin-King, Loramar Isarius was a hero during the time following the collapse of the Praedan Imperium (a period referred to as the Age of Chaos). The lands were in turmoil and the petty tyrants and warlords that had risen to power refused to defend its people unless great concessions of freedom, property, wealth, and power were made.

However, Loramar made a pilgrimage to the Stones of Skye where in meditation and prayer he was inspired by Him Above to create a kingdom that not only honored its king but its people and its god as well. Given the Sorona crown as a divine mandate to rule, Loramar took the title of the Paladin-King and set about uniting Anathar once more.

The height of the Paladin-King’s rule lasted less than 50-years and spanned from the eastern coast of Pellioh to the western mountains of Mittlund. Though the Great Kingdom did not last long beyond his rule, the relative peace and stability the continent experienced during that time inspires commoners and historians alike to affectionately refer to Loramar as the “father of Anathar.”

Loramar Isarius

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