Lord Pizentios

Lord pizentios

First heard of by the Shadowguard while gathering information in the Seven-Pillared Hall, an informant reluctantly shared that one of the Mages of Saruun had recently disappeared. Named “Pizentios,” he was rumored to practice the dark art of necromancy.

The Shadowguard has since discovered a contract signed by “Lord Pizentios” that was in the possession of Mendel the Merchant. The contract detailed hiring the Iron Ring to retrieve an item called the Obsidian Orb from the dragon burial ground near Threshold and deliver it to him.

The Mages of Saruun have become concerned with rumors regarding Pizentios’ activities in the Labyrinth and charge the Shadowguard with stopping him (Story Hook – Favor for the Mages).

Following a failed attempt on their lives ordered by Pizentios, the Shadowguard discovered a scroll indicating his alliance with Hianthough, matriarch of the break-away gnoll tribe known as the Blackfangs.

After the defeat of Hianthough in the Well of Demons, the Shadowguard found a number of correspondences from Lord Pizentios describing his schemes to acquire ancient necromantic artifacts with names like the Heart of Darkness, the Obsidian Orb, the Nycoptic Tapestry, and so on, as well as his plans to defeat the Mages of Saruun and conquer the worlds above and below ground from his Tower of Necromancy.

Lord Pizentios

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