Mendel the Merchant


This successful trader occupies the largest available room in the Guild House whenever he is in Threshold, usually accompanied by his latest series of attractive and ever-changing female traveling companions. A well-known merchant who ships goods in small quantities throughout the area (usually a few barrels at a time), his route causes him to visit Threshold on a regular basis. Though overly fat and balding, he is a charming and genial man who makes a point of befriending strangers and helping out those in trouble.

The Shadowguard’s activities in Threshold revealed Mendel the Merchant to actually be an Iron Ring overlord operating slaving activities in the region surrounding the village. He was responsible for kidnapping Asham Carpenter’s daughter Atli, murdering Yasir bin Hassan’s father Hassan bin Fared, seducing through magic Yasir bin Hassan’s mother Yamane, burning down Wrafton’s Inn (resulting in the death of Yasir bin Hassan), enslaving a dozen Threshold villagers and temporarily taking the Shadowguard into captivity.

Defeated and captured by the Shadowguard, he was taken by them to a cave in the wilderness of the Foamfire Valley where he was interrogated, beaten, killed and left unburied.

Since these events, it was later discovered that Hassan bin Fared had in fact not been murdered, but was a victim of Mendel’s special drow poison that mimics death. Hassan bin Fared was enslaved by the Iron Ring and subsequently sold to the Blackfang gnolls and later freed by the Shadowguard in their assault on the Well of Demons.

Mendel the Merchant

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