Nycoptic Tapestry

Tapestry illustration

This ancient Arjhaani work is a finely crafted tapestry of rare silks that shows only intricate, but apparently meaningless patterns. Enchanted with divination magic and transmutation magic. It is believed to hold clues as to the whereabouts of the fallen civilization’s capital, but whatever secrets it contains can only be unlocked by specially designed “bone needles.”

These bone needles magically weave through the tapestries when simply touched to them, the attached leather string altering their appearance to ultimately reveal the secret location of the lost Arjhaan capital.

A painted depiction of a Nycoptic Tapestry was found among Pizentios’ Research. After a week long extensive investigation, the Shadowguard discovered two things about this artifact: that an actual tapestry resembling the Nycoptic Tapestry is rumored to hang on the wall of a structure within a frontier settlement along the Witchwode (about two weeks travel from Threshold); and that a bone needle most likely lies in some Arjhaani ruins located within the Gray Downs.

Nycoptic Tapestry

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