Obsidian Orb

Obsidian orb

And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost…

Unearthed from a dragon burial ground near Threshold, this black crystal ball does not reflect its surroundings when gazed upon, but rather other shadowy images.

It was in the possession of Yasir bin Hassan but was destroyed in the fire at Wrafton’s Inn that resulted in the elementalist’s death.

This later turned out not to be the truth of events, as Yasir’s death had been faked and he escaped Threshold to travel south with the Orb. It was somewhere in the Foamfire Valley where Lord Pizentios caught up with the elementalist, took the Orb for himself, and enslaved Yasir. Pizentios then used the Orb as part of his ritual to become a lich, using it to channel the necrotic energies of the Shadowfell. When the Shadowguard destroyed the phylactery Pizentios had incorporated the Orb into, the Orb subsequently disappeared like so much black smoke and its current whereabouts are unknown.

The Obsidian Orb is an artifact of great power over shadow and necromancy which it offers to those willing to wield it. However, there is a malevolent consciousness within the Orb and those who possess it over long eventually succumb to its dark influence.

Legends say the power of the Obsidian Orb was used to imprison the shadow dragon Shadraxil during the time of the Great Kingdom.

Obsidian Orb

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