Located in central eastern Anathar, Pellioh is a green and fair country, with broad and fertile river valleys, rolling hills and highlands, and favorable weather. These beautiful lands are home to the noble Pellonese people and their baronies, duchies and cities. It is also a kingdom in peril.

In the period of the Great Kingdom’s dominance under the Paladin-King Loramar Isarius, the nobles of Pellioh were a class of warriors responsible for fielding armies of knights and footsoldiers at the Paladin-King’s command. In those days, Pellioh was a feudal and warlike state and the Great Kingdom ruled most of Anathar.

Today, many of Pellioh’s lands are still ruled by descendants of those noble warriors, although the collapse of the Great Kingdom brought about the end of feudalism, the release of peasants from the land, and the rise of free commoners and merchant guilds.

Though heir to the Great Kingdom, Pellioh has recently suffered the loss of High-King Maramet and the subsequent death of Prince Thendel. Currently ruled by a Council of Regents, the kingdom is slowly crumbling.

Pellioh is divided into four geographical regions: the Northern Reach, the Western March, the Heartlands and the Southern Frontier.

It is bordered by Norvenheim to the north, Korosgorod to the northwest, Baruuk Tor and Mittlund to the west, the Cloudscape Mountains and Avallaigh to the south and the Bright Ocean to the east.


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