Jousting knights

The Pellonese are a human people who reside in Pellioh. They respect nobility and look to their leaders to protect them from the barbarians and humanoids who surround their kingdom. Commoners identify strongly with their lords, and the dealings and alliances of the noble families are topics of continuous discussion throughout Pellonese lands.

Faith is also an important part of Pellonese life and nearly all Pellonese worship Him Above and belong to the Church of the Holy Light. Clergy are essential to every community, and the Church stands on equal footing with noble houses and merchant guilds in public influence.

A sizable number of Pellonese people maintain the old traditions handed down from long before the Great Kingdom and shun civilization. Known as the Gael, they live simpler and more rugged lives among their clansmen in the hills of Pellioh and keep the Old Faith.


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