Pizentios' Research

Pizentios’ research is comprehensive and written in an ancient, lost language. The combination of arcane formulas, ancient lore, mathematical calculations and obscure language will mean weeks, if not months, of investigation.

Ample illustrations, diagrams, and other clues provide some guidance for research, allowing investigators to focus their efforts. Some areas of research build upon others and efforts there can be compounded. Additionally, sages and research assistants can be recruited to further increase the likelihood of success and shorten research times.

Each area of research takes 1 week of investigation using a declared skill. If a skill useful to that area of research is a success, the relevant information will be shared. For every 5 the check is made by, the time to achieve success is reduced by 1 day (minimum 1 day).

Areas of Research
Tapestry illustration

  • A full-color painting of an ornate tapestry consisting of geometric patterns on a piece of vellum (reference to the Nycoptic Tapestry)
  • A comprehensive “exploded” diagram of a bronze warders within a bound book (reduces cost to create bronze warders by 10 percent)
  • An ancient anatomical engraving of a mummified hand and eyeball upon small, thin copper plates bound together by wire (Thuul-Sogoth, Hand of Thuul-Sogoth, Eye of Thuul-Sogoth)
  • An illustration of a simple black sphere within a bound book (Obsidian Orb)
  • The depiction of a burial mound warded by a circle of skulls and glyphs formed on 2 clay tablets (Dragon Burial Ground)
  • A small journal filled with extensive handwriting in a single, unknown script (Arjhaani)
  • A rubbing on parchment of a key with a skull motif handle (Skull Key)
  • A collection of complex diagrams of geometric shapes and elaborate calculations in white script on two over-sized blue-dyed scrolls (Atropal Conjunction)
  • An ancient over-sized scroll with a torn bottom designed to be hung on a wall that contains six decorative lines of runes in an ancient, unknown language (Reign of Darkness Prophecy)
  • An anatomical illustration of a mummified heart upon papyrus (Heart of Darkness)
  • An identical hand-drawn sketch of a black pyramid on numerous different pieces of parchment, vellum and paper (Pyramid of Shadows)
  • A wood-carving of a circular gateway rimmed with runes and glyphs, the center of which has been stained black (Dark Portal)
  • A comprehensive diagram for the assembly of a device in which a bronze warder is placed in the center (Infernal Machine)
  • An all-black piece of thin, supple leather the size of a sheet of paper that ash and soot rub off from when touched (Dragon Burial Ground, Shadraxil)
  • A sepia ink illustration of a large, bone sewing needle attached to a leather cord within a notebook (Nycoptic Tapestry)
    Libris mortis
  • An extremely thick and weathered tome with dog-eared pages, a cover made of stitched flesh and a lock designed to look like a skull with a single eyeball (Libris Mortis)
  • Multiple depictions of clothing, art, architecture and tools with minotaur motifs in a collection of scrolls, papers, and books (Saruun Khel, given to Valthrun the Prescient)
  • A symbolic map of extensive subterranean geography on a large, over-sized vellum scroll (subterranean map of Saruun Khel)

Pizentios' Research

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