Reign of Darkness


The Reign of Darkness prophecy (originally written in Arjhaani) is a sequence of six signs that are said to herald a period of unsurpassed evil upon the world. The signs are foretold in a series of rhyming couplets (though the sixth and final sign has been lost):

The reign of darkness shall descend
When this hexad of signs is near its end:

Lost child of dark mother, found
Heralds a time of evil unbound.

From house of ravens a heart is torn
Through life, unlife, the living shall mourn

Second time dark way open lies
To bathe the world in silent cries.

Light of night shining overhead
Shall gutter and fail, turning all to red.

Dead king will his fortunes reverse
And world shall weep with dreaded curse.

Reign of Darkness

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