Ring of the Forge

Ring of the forge
Master Smith Urwol of the Grimmerzhul duergar used this ring in the crafting of weapons and armor for his clan.

Magic: This powerfully enchanted ring grants its wearer the following abilities:

  • Endure Elements (hot environments only)
  • Resist Energy (10) – Fire
  • Protection from Fire Elementals (as the first and third major effects of protection from good except in regards to all creatures with both the elemental and fire types)
  • Forgefire: Any hammer (from a work hammer to a maul) temporarily gains the flaming burst special ability (PFCR p. 470) while wielded.
  • Heat Metal (DC 12 Will save negates) – 1/day
  • +3 enhancement bonus to forge-related Craft skill checks
  • - 2 saving throw penalty vs. water- or cold-based effects

Special: If the wearer desires, he may forego the protection from fire elementals effect and instead attempt to charm the fire elemental (as charm monster, DC 17 Will save negates). Only one attempt per creature can be made.

Currently in Gryffin Farstryder’s possession.

Ring of the Forge

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