Rise of the Necromancer-King (RoD4)

Rise of the necromancer king

Pt. I: Dead by Dawn

Enjoying the rest and relaxation of civilization, the Shadowguard remained in Threshold for many weeks following their return. During this time they began to uncover a large amount of disturbing information among the townspeople and Pizentios’ Research.

Before deciding what to do with this information, it was on the Ides of June that as the sun fell, the restless dead besieged Threshold and the heroes had to make it through the night or be dead by dawn.

The screams and chaos of a town overrun pierced the night and fog as the Shadowguard fought numerous throngs of the walking dead in order to successfully buy the townsfolk time to make it to the sanctuary of the Threshold cathedral. However, it was soon discovered that four townsfolk were missing and rather than leave them for dead, the Shadowguard ventured out into the night to rescue them.

Successfully rescuing all four missing townsfolk, the Shadowguard returned to the cathedral only to have the moon turn the color of blood later that night and the zombie horde close in on the holy structure.

In what may have been their last night on earth, the Shadowguard stemmed the tide of undead entering through the cathedral foyer to buy time for the fortification of the sanctuary, then defended the sanctuary from a zombie incursion when one of the barriers was overcome, and they then had to repel the siege of the teeming hordes in their greatest push yet as the zombies made one final attempt on the cowering townsfolk before the sun rose.

And so it was, when the zombie throngs were pouring through the broken windows and open doors from all directions and many of the Shadowguard were gravely injured, isolated, pulled to the ground by the hordes, or depleted of spells or prayers that the sanctuary interior was suddenly filled with shafts of pale, morning sunshine, that came bursting through the cracks and holes in the doors, windows, and walls.

Dawn had come, and the power of the undead horde faded in the light of the morning sun, turning the walking corpses to ash. The Shadowguard and the people of Threshold had won out and survived the zombie apocalypse.

Story Hooks and Minor Quests

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Rise of the Necromancer-King (RoD4)

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