Rite of the Blood Moon

Blood moon 2

The Blood Moon is a great and blasphemous ritual uncovered by Thuul-Sogoth to plunge the world into the Shadowfell under his command and cut it off from the gods. In such a state, the Arch-Lich’s power would be unmatched and he would ascend to godhood himself to lord as Necromancer-King over all the world.

Thuul-Sogoth was defeated before he could accomplish this ritual millennia ago when he ruled over Arjhaan and has renewed it upon returning his Pyramid of Shadows to the Natural World.

The Blood Moon can only occur once a month on the night of the full moon. Each time it does so it brings the world closer to the Shadowfell, with culminating deleterious effect. Should it rise three months in a row, the ritual will be complete and the world will be lost to a reign of darkness.

Signs of the Apocalypse

First Blood Moon: Fall weather, illumination reduced 1 level, global desecrate effect

Second Blood Moon: Winter weather, illumination reduced 2 levels, global desecrate and unhallow effects

Third Blood Moon: Reign of Darkness

Rite of the Blood Moon

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