Rose de Printemps

Rose de printemps

A Pellonese woman raised by Vistani, Rose de Printemps became an orphan when her parents were lost adventuring in the Foamfire Valley.

When she came to age of maturity, she found herself in the city of Haven, having become somewhat of a swashbuckler along the way. Fairly skilled in the rapier, she decided to set out on her own – starting with her place of birth, Threshold.

Despite the protestations of the grandparents with whom she had recently been reunited (Greeves and Peta Printemps), Rose ventured into the Foamfire Valley as a member of the Shadowguard. When the band was set upon by the Iron Ring and captured, some were able to escape… but, like some sad inheritance, Rose’s fate in the Foamfire Valley is currently unknown.

Rose is in possession of the legendary rapier Thorne.

Heroic Chartered

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Rose de Printemps

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