Denying attacks of opportunity from multiple enemies in one round is resolved with one Acrobatics skill check, with the results compared against the varying DCs of each foe in the order in which you pass them (player’s choice of order in case of a tie).

Each square from which there is an attempt to avoid an Attack of Opportunity costs two squares of movement.

Furthermore, as a move action, Acrobatics can be used to avoid provoking Attacks of Opportunity when standing up from a prone position in the same way it can be used to move without provoking Attacks of Opportunity.

In situations where a character is not actively using Perception, there is a +5 DC modifier to Perception checks. Active use of Perception is a move action.

Additionally, searching is the active use of Perception to notice clues, detect secret doors, locate hidden objects, find traps, or spot details casual observation wouldn’t reveal. As a move action, you can search a 10 foot radius.

Use of Profession earns half your Profession check results in silver pieces (not gold pieces) per week of dedicated work.

Trained NPCs typically earn 5 sp per week, while untrained laborers and assistants earn an average of 1 copper piece per day (2 sp per month).


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