Southern Frontier

Southern frontier

The Southern Frontier is the most southern region of Pellioh and other than the elven realm of Avallaigh borders only wilderness. The land is mostly untamed and the Witchwode, Gray Downs and Cloudscape Mountains are renowned for goblins, dire wolves and wyverns respectively.

The city of Haven, the village of Rifflian and the town of Threshold mark the only permanent population centers of the region, though a number of homesteads and ranches have been established in the past few years along the edge of the Witchwode under the protection of Fort Cherkass.

Significant terrain features of the Southern Frontier include the Cloudscape Mountains, the Foamfire Valley, the Gray Downs, the Nomen Heights, Great Allindel, the Black Morass, the Shattered Peaks and the Witchwode.

Southern Frontier

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