Stalker's Bow

Taken from the evil elven manhunter Ninaran, this exquisite bow of darkwood, deer horn and shadow hound hide not only bears signs of extensive use, but also great care on the part of its previous owner.

Nonlegacy: +1 composite longbow
Omen: Stalker’s Bow makes no sound when you fire it (both string and arrow are totally silent) and slightly suppresses sound around you granting a +1 situation bonus to Stealth skill checks.

Currently carried by Thalin.

DC 15: The renowned assassin Failine Namdraki was the last known owner of the longbow known as Stalker’s Bow. Failine, a dark-haired vigilante said to hail from western lands, was well known for taking only certain types of work. She accepted contracts to avenge wrongs, to stop reigns of evil, and to end wars rooted in greed. Infamous for striking within any organization or government, no matter how secure, she never left a trace of her presence besides the corpse of whomever she came to slay. But Failine never returned home after allegedly taking a contract to eradicate the Fey King of Khelrone.

DC 18: Failine Namdraki did not always carry Stalker’s Bow. She “acquired” it from Jack the Silent, another assassin of some repute. Jack, a far more typical example of his profession, was paid by associates of those Failine had slain in the past to put an end to the woman’s do-gooder ways. He arranged the perfect ambush, or so he thought. When Failine was in his sights, she somehow sensed his murderous intent seconds before the killing arrow was loosed. She still took a grievous wound from the shaft, but managed to move just enough so the shot failed in its lethality. Seconds later, Failine turned the tables on Jack, slaying him in his hunter’s blind and claiming Stalker’s Bow for herself.
Accept the Pain

Accept the Pain: You must allow another character proficient with the longbow to shoot you with Stalker’s Bow for a coup de grace attempt and afterward, treat Stalker’s Bow with a blend of rare, expensive oils and resins.
Cost: 1,875 gp

Stealth 4 ranks
Survival 4 ranks

PC Level Abilities
5 Adjustable Draw
6 Obscurity
7 -
8 +2 Composite Longbow
9 -
10 Effective Sniper

Adjustable Draw (Su): Stalker’s Bow is considered to have a strength rating equal to your Strength bonus.

Obscurity (Su): You gain a +5 competence bonus on Stealth skill checks.

Effective Sniper (Su): You suffer only a -10 penalty to your Stealth check when sniping.

Stalker's Bow

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