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A half-elf ranger hailing from the outskirts of Rifflian, Thalin is a man of two worlds – wild and civilized, elven and human .

Skilled in woodland survival, archery, and tracking, his blood runs hot and he is frequently impulsive (it’s rumored he once chased a rabid wolf over a cliff he was so intent on not letting it get away – leading to the sobriquet “mad wolf”).

Thalin’s mother was killed by goblins and the ranger never lets a goblin escape his wrath.

While in Threshold, following the Shadowguard’s victory over the Order of the Ebon Hand, Thalin mentored a local guard named Joop in woodland skills and as a bowyer-fletcher. With a small investment of gold, the two have become business partners in the making and selling of quality bows and arrows in the village (see TJ’s Outdoorsman).

A member of the Shadowguard, Thalin’s skill with the bow brings deadly wrath from afar against their enemies. He and Ryn are often at odds given their similar capacities for scouting and near opposite personalities – Ryn being cold, calculating and aloof and Thalin being impassioned, impulsive and relentless. Of note, Thalin still does not know what to make of Ryn’s sleeping through his watch shift the night of the fire at Wrafton’s Inn.

Thalin is very much a reluctant hero, willing to do whatever necessary to protect his friends and community but always yearning for a stable life of basic comfort and simple pleasures such as hunting and whittling. Nevertheless, his sense of duty and an unwillingness to allow evil to prevail drives him however grudgingly into the dangerous and remote places of the world such as the savage Foamfire Valley and the subterranean Saruun Khel, bow ever at the ready.

Thalin is in possession of the legendary Stalker’s Bow.

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