The Five Oaths

Pillars of nethys

Being a wizard in Khoudyai society carries some responsibility and protocol. Any Khoudyai spellcaster able to command arcane magic is legally bound to journey to the Pillars of Nethys. It is not an easy pilgrimage; the amount of travel required causes fatigue to even the most stalwart, and the way is often fraught with danger. A few wizards have died before reaching the pillars.

The preparation and rites that take place at the pillars are seldom discussed. The uninitiated know only that after intensive preparation – both magical and spiritual – novices swear the Quirad al-Dinn (The Five Oaths). While the Oaths are a closely kept secret, it is well known that one of them prohibits the use of the black art of necromancy.

The Quirad al-Dinn originated more than a thousand years ago. Khoudyai spellcasters who will not journey to the pillars and swear to them are hunted down and slain. An ancient and awesome power binds the wizards to the oaths. It forces those sworn to them to live by them irrevocably – wizards physically cannot violate the Oaths even if they want to do so.

The Five Oaths

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