The Furtherners

The furtherners

A group of heroes hailing from the village of Rifflian, the Furtherners consists of:

Meagan Godsblade
Parin “Stubbie” Plattermann
Madrus Leafrunner
Sylvana Leafrunner

The Furtherners have gained some renown across Pellioh for reversing a coven of witches’ curse upon a Rifflian villager (see The Mother’s Curse below), venturing into Norvenheim to kill the scion monster winter wolf Gnarl, and slaying the dragon Szartharrax that had been plaguing the Heartlands.

As a favor to a friend of Stubbie’s, the Furtherners have recently accepted a commission to protect a delivery of horses from Ilyakana headed for Rifflian (see Night’s Dark Terror below and Story Hook – Guard Duty).

The Mother’s Curse (as told by Robin O’Dale)

When an ancient curse fell upon a pregnant human woman of Rifflian named Nora, four villagers rose up to solve the mystery and confront the source of the affliction. In order to save their friend, these villagers ventured into Great Allindel, descended into the Underdark and ultimately even voyaged into the Feywild itself. Notably, they would have gone even further had it been necessary, giving rise to the band’s name – the Furtherners.

The source of evil was discovered to be a coven of hag witches whose dark plan involved seduction, murder, the switching of a still-in-the-womb child with that of a pregnant hag’s and the selling of the mortal infant’s soul in Hell. But in the end, the Furtherners reversed the curse, saving both Nora and her lost child.

The Furtherners

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