the Seven-Pillared Hall

Seven pillared hall

For over two decades, an order of wizards called the Mages of Saruun has controlled Saruun Khel’s upper levels, creating a relative safe haven called the Seven-Pillared Hall. Here, underground denizens come to trade with the mages and with a small number of surface-dwellers who are in the know. The mages have one rule in the Seven-Pillared Hall – maintain order.

An uneasy peace endures in the Seven-Pillared Hall under the watchful eye of the Ordinator Arcanis. Cloaked in deep black robes and wearing an ivory mask of an impassive, stylized humanoid skull, this mysterious figure serves as the magistrate of the Hall. As the representative of the Mages of Saruun, the Ordinator Arcanis judges guilt or innocence in grievances and acts as an arbitrator in disputes.

When the Ordinator Arcanis walks the Hall, the inhabitants tremble. It is not unusual for the Ordinator Arcanis to remain unseen for weeks or months at a time, only to appear suddenly to execute the law of the mages or to settle a dispute. In most cases, the judgment of the Ordinator Arcanis is swift, harsh, and usually fatal – the mages have no desire to maintain jails or inflict minor penalties.

The peace of the Seven-Pillared Hall is limited to its immediate vicinity – beyond that, all bets are off.

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Map: Seven-Pillared Hall – West
Map: Seven-Pillared Hall – East

the Seven-Pillared Hall

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