Threshold Cathedral

Cathedral library

The spiritual center for the town of Threshold, Threshold Cathedral is a Church of the Holy Light temple led by Prelate Abercrombie. It also possesses an extensive library and recently constructed orphanage.

Other notable figures of Threshold Cathedral include Sister Linora and Inquisitor Dace.

Cathedral Library
Access to the Cathedral Library requires a Holy Light clergy in good standing with the church, an attitude of Friendly for Inquisitor Dace, or an attitude of Helpful for Prelate Abercrombie. Generous charitable donations to the church are known to improve attitudes in most circumstances. In all cases, a member of the cathedral provides an escort at all times.

The Cathedral Library grants researchers a +1 circumstance bonus to any relevant skill that literature can assist in, a +2 circumstance bonus to any Knowledge skill, and the ability to either make the following Knowledge skill checks untrained or at a +5 circumstance bonus: Arcana, History, Planes, and Religion.

Threshold Cathedral

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