Necromancer king

Thuul-Sogoth, also known later as the Necromancer-King, was in his time perhaps the mightiest of all wizards and master of Arjhaan – an ancient necromantic civilization now lost in the depths of Anathar’s history. Though Thuul-Sogoth’s rule was not kind or just, he was filled with such malevolence and dark power that none within his realm dared oppose him.

So great was Thuul-Sogoth’s power that when his time to die came, he escaped even that to become an arch-lich, the first of his kind – allowing him to continue his reign of horror over the land for possibly all of eternity. In the end though, his own champion Targis Darkhold treacherously attacked the Necromancer-King and in the ensuing battle both were destroyed. All, that is, but the arch-lich’s hand and eye. These dismembered remnants have survived the millennia since Thuul-Sogoth’s passing, retaining in them only a small portion of his great power.

Tales of Thuul-Sogoth’s demise ultimately proved untrue and, as a being of such unique power over death and magic, he continued to exist in one form or another. In the end, the forces aligned against him banded together to cast his great pyramid from this world to a place between worlds in the hopes of confining him once and for all in what became known as the Pyramid of Shadows.

In his absence, others have sought out the Necromancer-King’s secrets and power in the hopes of gaining it for themselves… or even in the mad desire of restoring his reign of darkness.


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