Totems of the Wolf Spirit

The totems of the wolf spirit consist of three items (boots, cowl, necklace) which call upon the primal powers of ancient wolf spirits to grant unique abilities.

Wolf Spirit Boots
Wolf Spirit Cowl
Wolf Spirit Necklace

When all three items are worn, they grant the wearer the following ability:

  • Nature Link: +4 bonus to Cha-based checks with canines.

If the wearer of all three items is also a druid or ranger, the following additional abilities are also received:

  • Totem Transformation: The wearer may cast beast shape II (Medium wolf only) on himself 1/day (CL 8).

For 8 minutes you assume the form of a Medium wolf. You gain a +2 size bonus to Strength, a +2 natural AC bonus, your base speed changes to 50 ft., you gain low-light vision, scent, and a natural bite attack (1d6 + Strength mod and trip).

  • Wolf Empathy: The wearer may use Wild Empathy with canines as a full-round action.

Totems of the Wolf Spirit

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