Well of Demons

A set of chambers sacred to the demon lord Baphomet, the Well of Demons was once a place for the minotaurs of Saruun Khel to prove their prowess and devotion.

The seat of power for the Well of Demons is a chamber called the Inner Sanctum, accessible only after the completion of a two part challenge. The first challenge being the retrieval of four ritual items – the Scroll of Wrath Unveiled, the Face of Baphomet, the Bloodhorn Axe, and the Bell of Fury’s Calling. The second challenge being surviving the threats and hazards of the Proving Grounds following the ceremony to open the door to the Inner Sanctum.

Ritual items

A place of great evil in planar conjunction with the Abyss, the Well of Demons has existed in one form or another for eons – having been used by ancient, primordial races to commit atrocities even before the rise of the elves.

Well of Demons

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